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2# & 4#

Open cell, flexible Polyurethane foam generally used for packaging, acoustics and gasketing applications. Available in fire retardant properties to meet  UL-94-HF-1 specifications. Also meets MIL P 26514, type 1, class 2 specification. Colors: Charcoal and Blue.



Open cell, low cost Poly-Ether with the look and feel of the ester foam. Good cushioning and packaging properties. Good hydrolytic stability. Colors: Charcoal and Blue.


1# to 3#

Open cell, an all purpose, low cost, highly resilient foam used mainly in packaging and cushioning applications.  Good hydrolytic stability. Colors: Grey, White and Blue.


2# to 9#

Closed cell structure resists water pickup and moisture transmission. Resistant to attack from solvents, oils, greases, and common chemicals. Meets Federal spec.  PPP-C-1752. Available with Anti-static additive. Colors: Charcoal, White, Blue, Green and Pink.

2# to 4#

Closed cell, softer and smoother surface feel than regular polyethylene. Can be used in applications outside the normal PE foam area, replacing materials such as vinyl foams, neoprene, natural rubbers, polystyrene and other polymeric materials. Applications include protective padding, medical devices, packaging and gaskets. Available with Anti-static or Conductive additive. Colors: Charcoal, White, and Blue.


1# to 2#

Expanded Polystyrene, rigid closed cell foam with the lowest cost for packaging, flotation, insulation and construction applications. Used extensively as a showcase package due to the sales appeal of its natural white color.

Homes - Single Lid - Rackmounts - Military Applications - Plasma - Wheeled Cases

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